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Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who have supported this collection and who have contributed in one way or another:

These 3 get a special thanks, as we are all friends and have helped each other out with our collections.  They are true fellow collectors and carry the same passion that I do for this whole wax gig: Kevin Hall, Andy Taam, and Zuma Jay.  You guys are awesome and I am glad we have all connected; Mahalo for everything.

Karma, thank you very much for designing my website the way I wanted it and puttin' up with all my stuff. I know the site is quite basic, but that is exactly what I wanted. Just the wax . . . and to the point. Thank you very much for all of your time, energy, and patience. You are wonderful and George is a lucky man to have you.

Ian - NESLA - what can I say. The inaugural logo is absolutely priceless. I am very thankful for your help and truly appreciate the time to took to help me with it. You are an amazing brother. Beth and Maisy are lucky to have to.

  • John @ The Wax Lab: http://www.ganjawax.com John, thank you for absolutely everything man. You are one-of-a-kind. I am truly thankful for all of you help and friendship. Truly killer of you.
  • The entire Dahl Family @ Wax Research: http://www.stickybumps.com John, please know I am truly thankful for all of the kindness and help you and your family have given me. Dates, times, products, etc. . .it's endless. I am truly truly appreciative.
  • Mr. Zog:  http://www.sexwax.com Zog, thank you for all of your help and information regarding your wax, dates, times, etc. You are awesome. I am truly honored man. . .truly!!!
  • Randy Dowler: A true pioneer in the surf wax industry and creator of the famous surf wax company Waxx On. Thanks for the communication, history, and integrity behind your work.
  • Val Surf in So. Cal.,  http://www.valsurf.com This is where it all started for me. This is the shop I bought my very first bars of surf wax in. I used to live and breathe here and bought my first of everything having to do with surfing, skateboarding, and skiing here. This is truly the best shop in the world and I owe them tons of credit for what I have in my collection.
  • Rob Machado @ http://www.robmachado.com
  • Isabelle and Gary @ http://www.waxywax.com Thanks for everything and your awesome Waxy Wax that brings us all back to the neon day-glow colors of the 80’s.
  • Randy Rarrick @ http://www.hawaiiansurfauction.com Thank you for your awesome support and great contributions. . . you are a true historian.
  • Kevin Hall, my brother, you are awesome. I should probably be giving you the biggest thanks out there. How funny when we connected. . .we are still a team. Thanks for everything. You are missed.
  • Matt @  http://www.surfshop.com Thank you for your ongoing support and killer website. You are one-of-a-kind and I appreciate your support ! ! !
  • Jacob at http://www.overturesurf.com. Thank you for your amazing natural bamboo surf wax comb. It does wonders for the environment and removes wax with ease.
  • Ron, Greg, & Laurie at http://www.endlesswave.net  thank you for the amazing WAX BUDDY ! ! ! it’s unreal . . .easy on the hand and quite effective when removing wax.
  • Tom at http://www.mrsurfjunk.com  thanks a ton for your support and friendship. If folks are looking for some surf memorabilia, this is your stop ! ! !
  • Andy Taam @ http://www.hawaiianfightgear.com Andy, you too my man, thank you for absolutely everything. You are a true local.
  • Grant @ BubbleGum Surf Wax, http://www.bubblegumsurfwax.com Grant, thank you for all of your help, time, energy, and devotion to this whole wax thing. I can't thank you enough.
  • Zuma Jay's in Malibu,  http://www.zumajays.com Jay, I love ya man. Thanks for allowing me to be part of surf wax history. Thanks for including me in your book and helping me learn about the industry. Thanks for everything. You are a true blessing.
  • Shimmie in Australia @ http://www.shimmie.com Shimmie, thank you for absolutely everything. Thank you for being a main source for my many Aussie waxes. I am very thankful we met. You are a good guy and your family is wonderful. PS: Keep up the good movie work.
  • Nick & Mary C. in Cornwall, England: Thank you to both of you. For allowing me into your lives from half a world away. You are both awesome and I am truly blessed we met. Thank you for helping me with the labels and many of the UK waxes. I am truly thankful. Let's stay in touch.
  • Duncan @ http://www.southernsoulsurfboards.com.au: Thank you for your kindness and effort getting your wax into the museum. Much cheers mate!
  • Nigel and his crew at www.zumajay.co.uk Nigel, thank you for all of your support !!!
  • John L., Rick R., and Fred from the Original Tiki Wax: All of you. . .Thank You very much for everything. Thank you for allowing me to enjoy part of your history and honoring me with the wax and other "stuff". You guys are awesome and I want you to know I truly appreciate what you have given me.
  • Sam @ Famous  http://www.famouswax.com Sam, thank you for all of your help and generosity.
  • OneBallJay,  http://www.oneballjay.com
  • Sharkbait Surf Wax, http://www.sharkbaitsurfwax.com
  • Mark @ http://www.waveequation.com  Thank you for your awesome natural wax.  Done very nicely and with integrity.  Thank you for your contribution and support.  Your wax is truly great and quite slick. . . no pun intended.  Thanks again.
  • Joe @ http://www.surfbooks.com Thanks for helping me out and hooking me with the goods. . .much appreciated.
  • Dave @ http://www.fatbastardsurf.com
  • Mark @ http://www.morningchubb.com.au
  • Steve @ http://www.bigpeckersstuff.com The days of the 80’s and today. . .thanks for your help and kindness.
  • Matt Roder @ http://www.oamsurf.com you’re the man at OAM . . .I appreciate your help as well as the entire team at OAM.
  • Bob Kuenzler – Thank you for your willingness to stay in touch and help some great bars into the collection.
  • Tyler Hatzikian @ http://www.tylersurfboards.com Thanks for your help with getting your creations into the collection. I am truly thankful.
  • Paulo and the entire team @ http://www.blackwavesd.com Thanks for being such a good crew with integrity.
  • Darren@ http://www.firststoke.com
  • Macca in Australia : Thank you for the amazing communication and priceless history of your work.
  • Thomas and Shannon @ http://www.moondustmotorsports.com
  • Jim @ http://www.jimbosurf.com
  • John @ Old Coot - www.oldcoot.com.au - John, thanks for your willingness to ship the goods.
  • Melissa at BT Wax – www.btwax.com - Melissa, thank you for everything. Your wax is amazing!!!
  • Rob at www.essentialsurf.com - Rob, sorry this took a while.I apprecaite everything. You are too kind.
  • Dennis at www.surf-guitars.com - Dennis - the man - what can I say. . .I am very thankful for all of your support and help.
  • Mark at www.silverfish.com - Mark, as with the others listed. .. you are too kind. Thx for your help.
  • Phil at www.philsorganicsurfwax.com - Phil, again, sorry this took so long. I am slow to work on my site. Thx for everything. Folks, ya gotta get some of Phil's wax. . .it is truly wonderful.
  • Eric and his crew at www.imperialmotion.com - Eric, thank you so much for helping me get your wax. I had difficulty tracking it down, but you must know I am truly thankful for your help.
  • Geoff at www.surfresearch.com.au -Geoff, another fellow collector. Thanks for all of your help, patience, and willingness to help out. Your ideas and communication are a pleasure. Cheers.
  • Mark at www.mellowwave.co.uk Mark, you are truly awesome. Thx for all of your help and support. Sorry this took so long. I am thankful for your generosity man. First class!!!!
  • Paul at www.hillsorganicsurfwax.org.uk - Another amzing natuarl wax. Paul, it works wonderful. Thx for your time and patience.
  • Cesar at www.calaverasurf.com - Ahhh, Cesar, what a guy. You are the man. I truly appreciate your help, kindness, patience, adn generosity. Folks, ya gotta support this company as well. Thx man.
  • Holly and Mark at www.organwax.com - Two of the collest cats I have met along the way.A great natural wax to add to the 2008 market. Ths for your help and generosity. I appreciate it.
  • Clint @ www.bigasssurfwax.com - Clint - Your BIG ASS is tremendous and boy does it work well. Gripping it makes life a HOLE lot easier. Folks, go grab some of Clints Surf Wax. It is all natural and works very very well!!! Really man, thank you for everything. You are a great guy and I appreciate your help and friendship.
  • Everyone @ http://www.wetwomensurfwax.com thank you very much for getting me your very cool wax. I am truly thankful. Best of all, I am honored to have the very first, formally certified, biodegradable surf wax in the USA > Thank you very much for your help!!!
  • Jason at Magma: The new embedded crystals are abrilliant idea!!! Ya never lose track of the wax temp you are using. You have got to get your today! http://www.magmalabs.com
  • Matt at http://www.matunasco.com. Also check out Green Surf Waxanother amzing wax made by Matunas.
  • Scott B. @ Waxman - www.waxmansurfproducts.com Thanks for all your help.
  • Gecko Glue and Salt Water Dreaming,  http://www.surf-wax.saltwater-dreaming.com
  • Scott @ Surfwarez - http://www.surfwarez.com - Online retail specializing in vintage and contemporary surfing collectibles.
  • Dave @ http://www.kahunasklassics.com Dave, thank you very much for all of your help. . . keep them trophies comin'.
  • Mike @ http://brightonbeachsurfshop.com Mike, dude, thank you very much for all of your help, generosity, kindness, and willingness to trade, help out, and talk. You are a good guy. I am glad Kevin helped us connect.
  • Jim @ http://whalebonesurfshop.com Jim, thank you very much for all of your help so early on with all this. You are awesome and I am way thankful.
  • http://www.isurfing.com - the largest web guide to online surf sites.
  • Mike @ The Lincoln City Surf Shop - http://www.lcsurfshop.com.  Mike, thank you for all of your help with everything!!!
  • Mike @ Surfcrazy.com - http://www.surfcrazy.com  A great online resource to meet your surfing needs.
  • Greg @ http://www.piratesurfcompany.com
  • Monica @ Surfet.com - http://www.surfet.com.
  • Chad @ Duckdivers - http://www.duckdiverssurfwax.com
  • Sam @ http://www.grippersgear.com
  • Ramone @ http://www.tikiwaxx.com - Thank you for your kindness, willingness and generosity. Like the others, I will continue to offer you support, just as you have done for me. Mahalo for your kindness.
  • Dan @ http://www.saltrock.com - Thanks for everything. I am jazzed you were able to help me out and get me your wax varieties. Your support is much appreciated. I hope my site will be of equal support to you.
  • Patrick @ Murph's Surf Wax
  • Paul and Scott @ StickSlick -  http://www.stickslick.com
  • Andrew and Ethan @ Funky Puffin in the UK - http://www.funkypuffin.com
  • Kirk, Ashley, and Brittany for their awesome Turtlepoop Surf Wax.
  • Andy @ Atomic Surf Wax - Thank you for your help and your willingness to get your wax to me in the USA. Much appreciated. Cheers!!! http://www.atomicsurf.com.au
  • Iskra from Australia. Huge CHEERS to you for helping me out with getting a bunch of my Aussie waxes as well. This is a formal CHEERS to you. Very thoughtful and kind.
  • Gary @ http://www.g-force.com.au
  • Grant @ http://www.treehuggerwax.com - Cheers for helping me get your natural Aussie surf wax into my collection and over here to the USA. Your willingness is much appreciated. Cheers!!!
  • Len Dibben at Len Dibben Surfboards in Australia
  • Joe at http://www.surfbooks.com
  • Pete @ http://www.thesurfingmuseum.co.uk
  • Bobby @ http://www.online-surf-shops.com
  • Richard Kirby @ Gumby Lock Pty Ltd, http://www.gumbylock.com.au
  • Zak's @ http://www.zaksurfboards.com. Zak, my man, thank you very much for your willingness to help me get Aussie waxes. Thank you for taking the time to pack 'em up, do all the customs stuff, and get 'em to my doorstep. I am truly thankful.
  • Damien Houques @ http://www.greenfix.fr
  • Kris and the entire homegrown crew @ http://www.boardbudder.com
  • Sarah & Garry Neave @ Stick It Group http://www.stickitgroup.com
  • Adrian Young @ http://www.mohawkwaxstick.com.au
  • Jeff Hayes @ http://www.summerbreezesurf.com
  • Jackson's in Australia,  http://www.jacksonsurfboards.com.au
  • Ralph D. S. in the UK: Thank you for helping me out with the UK waxes.
  • Glenn B. in Australia
  • Fumi (Japan)
and the many others that I have not mentioned because of limited space.
Mahalo Nui Loa for all your support, Casey

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