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Personalize Your Very Own Surf Wax

 For just about any type of event you can think of, you can personalize your own surf wax or create a special wax for someone else.  You can purchase anywhere from 1 bar to as many as you would like, and have it delivered to just about anywhere in the world (applicable shipping charges apply). Personalized Surfwax is great for: 

Party Favors
Fund Raisers
Family Events/Reunions
School Events / Clubs

Sporting Events
Both Corporate and Smaller Business Events and Activities
Religious Events
Gag Gifts
For Your Pet

Again, just about any event you can think of. . .we can do!!!

All ya gotta do is email me the image that you would like as your “label”, and I will do the rest.  I prefer the image in JPEG FORMAT.  You can have it done on a 2.5-inch circle (like the surfwaxmuseum.com wax) or you can have it done onto a 2.75-inch x 3.25-inch square. 

Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to refuse any and/or all material submitted based on its nature, so please make sure it is appropriate.  I am the only person judging what is appropriate and what is not. . .it is at my discretion.  Please know that if inappropriate material is submitted it will be turned over to the authorities.

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