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Intro to the Surf Wax Museum:


Let me begin by saying that I owe many many mahalos to everyone that helped this collection become what it is today.  Although I started collecting when I was 10, there have been many who have helped along the way.   To my parents and brother: Thank you for driving me up and down the coast and putting up with this stuff.  Thanks for not throwing the out the wax the same way many parents throw out their offspring's card collections, etc.  Dad, thanks for taking me into every single surf shop we could find.  To my wonderful wife and kids, thanks for putting up with me, thanks for allowing me to keep my treasures all throughout our home, and thank you for our wonderful family.  Karma and George, thank you for getting this whole website together and helping me through the process - you are both awesome.  Nesla, you are the man. . .thank you for designing the wax logo; your work is priceless.

My name is Casey and I grew up, "in the valley", down in Southern California.  I currently live in Oregon with my wife and 2 wonderful boys.  My first experiences at the ocean were anywhere from Zuma and Malibu down to Huntington and Newport.  I started out by body boarding at the age of 5.  As I got older, that grew into more of the same as well as some surfing and skim boarding.  I currently do all three with my children.  Yes, I have always done more body boarding and skimming than surfing; sorry to disappoint (LOL).  My wife usually snaps the photos of me and my boys, as the water up here is way colder than down in So Cal.

I started collecting surf wax at the age of 10 because it was way cheap, smelled great, and had amazing colors and shapes.  At around the same time, my father and I started to cover his black 4-Runner with tons of surf stickers - you probably saw us driving around from time-to-time.  Anyway, I could walk into Val-Surf, Jack's, or Zuma Jay's with a few bucks and come out with a ton of wax. . .what a deal!  I have now a little over 2000 bars of wax with about 1000 to 1200 different kinds; depending on what you consider to be different (i.e. different temperatures, different colors, different labels, etc.).  This collection went from LA to Kaua'i, lived through Hurricane Iniki, and finally made it here to Oregon.  Certain photos of this collection will be featured in a forthcoming "coffee table book" being put together by Zuma Jay.  The book is titled, Surfboard Wax: A History, and is out in stores now.

I am always looking for new waxes from anywhere in the world.  I have had some very wonderful people help me out and add to this collection.  People from Japan, Australia, the UK, etc.  Everyone has been truly amazing.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like to sell or trade.  Although I would never turn down a donation, please know that I do not expect handouts and have never asked for free wax.  I will pay for the wax, shipping, etc. 

Although I have been offered a fair chunk of change for the collection, I have never truly considered selling it.  I guess I am always willing to entertain an offer, but please know that history is usually not for sale.  I figure it has to have some historical value to my fellow beach mates.  Anyway, feel free to contact me as you see fit.

Mahalo Nui Loa,


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