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Sure, at the start of all this it was about trying to get as much wax as possible and trying to create a monster collection.  However, over the past few years that has changed quite a bit.  It has been more about collecting friends and meeting people all over the world with similar interests.  There have been many changes in my life and many changes with this whole wax collecting thing.  I have helped many people start fairly nice collections all over the world.  Much of that wax was simply “given away” to help them out and some was traded.  Don’t get me wrong, of course I am gonna continue collecting, but the MISSION has drastically changed.

1) Make Surf Wax A Collectible Item With the assistance of fellow collectors and people like Zuma Jay, who is doing a book about the history of surf wax, the main goal is to help make surf wax become a collectible item.  Similar to sports cards, action figures, stamps, etc.  you get the idea.

 2) Give Credit Where Credit Is Due:  It is long overdue for the companies who make surf wax to get the credit they deserve.  Yes, here in the USA as well as those overseas.  Some of these companies have been around longer than I have been alive.  Others are newer and just starting.  Either way, without companies like Wax Research (Sticky Bumps), Zog’s, and The Wax Lab (Ganja Wax), where would we be? 

Answer. . .probably wiped out!!!  This is a formal MAHALO NUI LOA to the surf wax companies.

3) Increase Wax Prices:  Over the past 20+ years the price of surf wax has pretty much remained the same in most surf shops in the USA. In the early 80’s it was $.50 to $1. . .that somewhat holds true today – give or take a bit.  Many of the people who create their own wax make little money and use it more as a promotional item.  I am not suggesting that we pay an arm and a leg for a bar of wax, but $2 to $3 per bar would give the companies a bit more of what they deserve.  People have asked, "what's in it for you?"  Well, to be honest. . .nothing at all .

Just as I have added this page, as time continues, more will likely be added.

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