Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 13:

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Apple Surf Wax - Aussie made, not sure of the year, but I think it is from the 80's.

Astro Surf Wax - Made by Wax Research in the 80's.

Beach Boys Surf Wax - Promo item from the 90's. Had to have it of course.

Here's what the box said. . .

Frog Wax - made by Wax Reseacrh in the 80's. Great bar. Hard to find.

Green Stuff Suf Wax. This is a bunch of the newer Green Stuff from 2007. Amazing wax and nice folks to deal with. Have the orig bar form the 80's too.

Green Stuff Multi Color Pack - Basically a small sample of each bar. 2007.

Gulf Wax - Here are two old boxes from the 50's. These household waxes were some of the first to be used as board wax.

Team Hobie Surf Wax - from the 80's. Done by Wax Research.

Imperial Motion Surf Wax Set - got the whole set from Eric and the crew at Imperial Motion. Thx Eric ! ! !

Magma Surf Wax 2007. New Product by Magma. Amazing wax with embeded crystals so ya don't lose track of the wax temp. Thx, Jason!!!

Surf Dive & Ski Surf Wax - Aussie made. Year? Maker?

Tack Wax Surf Wax - from the 1970's. Made locally in Van Nuys, CA - - -Go figure!!!

Val Surf Wax - made by Wax Research in 1972. Again, I owe tons to this shop. That is where it all started for me. Thx to all at Val Surf!!!

Extreme Surfgear Surf Wax. Custom wax by this amazing company. get to the site and buy some asap. Works very well. Thx Kevin.


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