Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 9:

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G Force Surf Wax - Aussie made. . . 2007.

No Boundaries and Holly Surf Wax. . . 2007. Great idea and wonderful packaging. Works well and smells great. Thx for your help Grant!!

Nats Wax. Ahhh. . .the great Nat young. Had to have it.

O'Neill Back in Black Wax. Had to have it.

Phil's Organic Surf Wax. Another natural wax to hit the market. This stuff truly works well. Thx Phil.

Power Trip Surf Wax. UK made. Great packaging and wonderful wax.

She Surfs Swell Surf Wax. Done by Wax Research but not sure of the year.

Shimmie Surf Wax Set. Folks this Aussie wax is a must have. It is truly amazing. . .works better than most. Thx Shimmie.

Slipcheck Spray Wax from the early days. Regular size and a"shorty" can. Thx Mike!!!

Another clever surf wax from the UK. . .showing a side that some folks don't like but others do. Had to have it for the collection.

Here's the front view of course.

These two are amazing. Quite small but real surf wax nonetheless. Will not be using them as theya re near impossible to find and amazingly done.

Yire Surf Wax from Peru. Had to have 'em but have not tried them yet.


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