Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 8:

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Bush Wacks Surf Wax. Never tried it. Only have the one. Year/Maker???

Another K Wax. I think I have the full set on here but they are all split up because I got 'em at different times.

Poorboy Nugget!!!

SD Cold Surf Wax. Got it from San Diego, so I assume that is what the SD means????

Surfer's Choice. Another cool label and wax to have in the collection.

Victory Wax. Not sure of the year or maker, but had to have it.

El Grippo Spray Wax. A few years old and getting tougher to find.

Ain't nothing wrong with saying a prayer or two before entering into the water.

Gath Wax. Australian. Made by Margaret River.

Lightning Bolt Surf Wax. Australian. Year/Maker?

Muffin Wax. Came form the UK. Killer idea. Great smell. Never tried it.

Another Q Stix. I have the others on the site as well.

Quackwax Surf Wax. Great set to have. Great idea. Great graphics.

Star 104.5 FM Surf Wax. This is from Australia. Thank you to the folks at Star for helping me get these. I truly appreciate it!!

Slipcheck Spray Wx from the 1960's. Large can of blue and a "shorty can" of white. Thx Mike!!!


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