Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 4:

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Anthwax Wax. Newer Wax. Great stuff. Works well.

Creation. Australia. Not sure of the year or maker.

Dazzle Set. Got 'em off Ebay from the UK.

Dinkum Wax. Made by the Margaret River Wax Company. Not sure of the year, but I know it is older.

Duck Divers Set. Newer wax, works well, smells great, great idea and concept. Thank you Chad. Continued success my friend.

Flow. Not sure of the year or maker, but I believe it is a bit newer. Thanks Kev.

Free Surf. Australian. very few made. I believe it wax a promotional item that came with a magazine.

Matunas. Original Wax in a tuna fish can. Signed by Matt.

Same thing just the front side photo'd.

Stick Slick. Paul / Scott - thank you for helping me out guys. I will do what I can. Continued success to you both.

Surf's Up Promotional Wax. It is really a bar of Zog's with a different label over it. Put out in 2006 as a promo item for the upcoming movie.

Survival Wax Tub. From Australia. same as the other bars but just in a tub. Late 60's/early 70's.

Turtlepoop. To Kirk and his girls. . .thanks for your support. I will help with as much as possible. Truly killer stuff and it glows in the dark!!!

Wind and Sea. A bit newer. Great stuff.

Winky Goo. Got it from the UK. Great smell. Never tried it, as I only have the one.


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