Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 10:

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Ampl Board Wax. Aussie made of course. Belive this is from the 70's. Very rare and HTF.

Big Block Surf Wax. From the Larry Block Ent. Nice stuff of course. Larry always puts out the best.

Boron Wax. Another household wax that was used for boarding in the early days.

And another...

Ganja Lite. Very rare and hard to find. I believe I might have the last batch of this stuff.

Golden Fleece Wax. Another early Aussie petrol related wax that was used for boarding.

Grippers Surf Wax - yet another from the set.

Icky Sticky Ooey Gooey - from the makes of Bubble Gum. One of my favoorites. 80's. By Wax Research.

Number 1 #1 Surf Wax. By Wax Research. 70's. Donated photo from Denny. Thx man.

Another household wax.

Rocket Wax. I have the set on another page in this gallery. Ths guys !!!

Wax Mate Spray Wax - early 70's I belive. Donated photo from Mike L. Thx man!!!

Another household wax from Texaco.

Wax Pak Surf Wax. One of the first deodorant style waxes. 80's.

Zubian sealing wax. Okay. ..not sure this was ever used as grip for boards, but this is anotehr early starting point.


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