Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 6:

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Pray For Surf Baggy. Aussie wax. Never used this one but has killer packaging.

Grippers Surf Wax. Sam. . .you are truly awesome. Thanks for everything. Please stay in touch. From Florida. GREAT stuff people. Get some!!!!

G Spot Tub. Australian. Newer. Made by Surf Wacks Products.

Panama Jacks Wax. Only have the one. Great idea and a great name.

Duke Kahanamoku Wax. Made by WR. Got it off the internet. Small 1.5oz bar. Novelty wax.

Greensurf Surf Wax. Another from the internet. Another that is environmentally safe.

Hobie Wax. Got this from Kevin; he got it from an ASR. Thx bro!!

Performance Surf Wax Set. Yeah, a couple are already on this site but I got the others at a later date so I had to put up the full set.

Zog's Quick Humps Complete Set. Need I say more?

Reef Wax. Done by WR / Sticky Bumps. Came in a cool case with a comb and some other items.

Salt Rock Surf Wax Set. Thanks Dan. . .you're awesome for helping me out.

Sun Diego Travel Pack. My beautifiul wife was in San Diego and picked this one up for me. Yeah. . .she's the best in the world.

Surfet Wax. Monica, thanks for helping me out with these

Franco, thanks for getting these to me. I appreciate it. Gave my friend some as well.

Wave Equation Surf Wax. A truly great wax. I have used it and like it quite a bit. Great traction. Environmentally safe.


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