Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 2:

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Sticky Willies Star Wax. Aussie wax. Made by Pray For Surf. Huge bar of wax. Thank you Ashley P.

Super Sticky Bumps. Very HTF. Got it from a shop in Florida. This was another early bar from the Sticky Bumps line by WR.

1969 Bar of Survival Wax. Aussie. I have another bar in gallery 1. Again, Keith, thank you very much. Condition is rough, but look how old it is.

Tropical Wax. Made by WR. I assume this is from the early 80's, but I am not exactly sure.

Pro Wax. Another by WR. Again, I think this is from the early 80's.

Sticky Wax. Made by WR. All from the early 80's. That is why I said what I did about the previous bars.

Angel Wax. Aussie from the 1970's. Perfect condition.

Laguna Wax. Made by WR in the 70's. Perfect condition. Thank you Clint!!!

Slime Wax Combat Bar. 1980's. Dave / John - Thanks guys.

Slime Set from the 1980's. Again, guys . . . thanks a ton for your support.

Sticky Wax made by WR in 1976. Perfect condition. Clint, thanks again man.

Sticky Wax made by WR in the 70's. Fabulous shape.

Super Waxmate. Made by WR in the 1970's. Condition is awesome. Tough to get. However, Clint, thank you for everything. This is a must have!!!!

Tube Surf Wax. I think this was also done by WR, but I am not positive. Same molds as many of the others. 1970's.

Waxmate. Ahhhhh. An original bar by WR. Perfect shape. Have a few others in different colors, etc. This is a must have for any collector.


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