Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 14:

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Absolute Mexico Surf Wax - got it from ASR in 2007.

Big Ass Surf Wax - Brande new, natural surf wax. 2008. Check out this guys site and grab a bar for yourself. Works very well. Thx Big C !!!.

BT SURF WAX - Another new (2007/2008) natural surf wax to the market. Have not tried it just yet but I have heard all positive feedback about it !!

Calavera Surf Wax - from the Calavera Surf Company. Will try it soon. Again, another wax that I have heard wonders about. Thx for your support!!!

Jimbo's Surf Wax. So these are promo bars (so-to-speak). They are testers. The markert product will be out shortly. Thx Jim!!!!

Joe Blow Surf Wax (2007). Another new, local surf shop wax. Thx for your support guys. I appreciate it.

Old Coot Surf Wax. Aussie made. Got it in 2007. Only have this bunch so will try 1 and save the rest - go figure.

Organ Surf Wax. Another new, natural surf wax to hit the market in 2008. Check out the site and get some. Thx Holly and Mark. . I love it!!

Poorboy Surf Wax. Same stuff as before on the site, just anewer 2-toned label.

Slab Surf Wax - Aussie made. Got it in 2007.

Surfs Up Surf Wax Set - got these from a local comic book shop. Lady said it was a promo set ???

Treehugger Surf Wax - Aussie made, natural wax. Works very well. Thx Grant!!!

Viagra Surf Wax - UK version - 2007. Thx Nick!!!

Wasabi Wax - Got this from ASR in 2007 as well.

Worm Food Surf Wax - Another natural surf wax. Made in the UK. Get to this guy's site and buy some. Works very well. Thx Tod !!!


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