Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 3:

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Banana Wax. Made in Brazil. Harry. . .thank you for your time and effort with getting this to me. Many thanks my friend.

Destination 2006 Set. Thank you to DSurf. You guys are awesome.

Ear Waxx from the 1980's. Jim, thank you for this one. You're truly kind my fried.

Ear Waxx Pack. Jim. . .again, I know it is just wax, but thank you for everything. 1980's

Elemenohpee Bodyboard Wax. Got it off Ebay. Marc - thank you for your help man. Much appreciated. Made by WR.

Funky Puffin Wax. From the UK. Ethan/Andrew. . .your wax works wonders. Yes, I have used it in our freezing water. Thanks guys. Continued success.

H Wax. Made in South Africa. Not sure of the year or maker.

Island Style Surf Wax. Newer bars. The cold stuff works great in the waters up here.

Lizzard Wax. Made in South Africa.

Shred Wax. 1980's by WR. Great stuff. Cody, thank you for your help with this one. You are too killer.

Styk Tub from the 80's. Also done by WR. Great stuff. Used plenty back then but I am saving this one.

Surfer's Choice. Kevin, my brother, thank you for you trade and generosity. I owe you big time.

Waxx On. From the 80's. Good stuff worked back then, but again, I ain't using this one. Keeping it safe for now.

Whatever Wax. Came from Australia. Only have the one, so I am keeping it safe.

Zog's Sex Wax. Just put a few together form the 80's. A bit later in the 80's, as the labels are on the outside of the bar.


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