Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 11:

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Atomic Surf Wax - Aussie made 2007. Great colors, retro look of the 80's. Amazing wax. Thx to Atomic for helping me out.

Bubble Gum - just another to add.

Budweiser Surf Wax - nugget - done by Wax Research.

Killer Surf Wax - Natural wax. .. got it off the internet.

Matunas Surf Wax - new set from 2007. Matt, thanks for everything. Your wax is awesome!

Mothers Milk Surf Wax Bars - complete set from a true friend in OZ.

Another early household wax.

And another.

Endless Summer Surf Wax - this was the wax the guys threw in their bag in the opening scenes to take on their original trip.

Supa Gloo - Just wanted to add it to the collection.

Surf For Earth Surf Wax - Aussie creation. Early 80s.

Texaco Paraffin Wax - yep - same thing as all the household waxes.

Original Tiki Wax from the 80's. Got this from the creator and his crew. John, Fred, et. al. . . thank you very much. I love it.

Here's the front view. . .

Wet Women Surf Wax. This is a truly genuine and natural surf wax. It is the only certified natural surf wax around. Very nice stuff.


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