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Barking Wax - 05/06 version. Works well. Always has and always will. Made in Australia

Black Market Surf Wax. I believe this one is from the early 80's. Not too sure though. Keith, thank you for your help. Maker???

Break Point. Great wax. Great smell. This one came to me from a shop on the East Coast.

C Wax. No, I ain't gonna spell this one out. Check for yourself and figure it out. 1970's. I believe that Wax Research did this one.

Gerry Lopez Wax. This is basically the same as the other wax I have, just in a box.

Golden Breed. Aussie wax.

Hawaiian Honey Wax. 1970's. Made by Wax Research.

Killer Bees. Newer version. Also made by Wax Research

Same deal. Different temperature and label.

K Wax. Kelly Slater Wax. Not sure of the maker though???

Man Wax. Made by WR. I think this is an 80's wax as well.

Nemo Wax. I have another set on here from an earlier year. This is the 2006 set. Aussie.

Another great wax from Australia. Awesome concept. Shimmie signed it for me. Great guy. Everyone MUST get this wax. It works very well.

Terra Wax. Same as the other bar on the site just a different temperature. These are not made any more from what I hear???

Turtle Poop Surf Wax. Classic. Too funny. The packaging actually has a turtle shell style foil wrap to it.


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