Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 12:

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BIC Wax - Ahhhh. Another new wax to the market in 2007. Plain and simple. .. works well.

Boardom Wax - Got it from the UK in 2007.

Dyno Wax - A priceless piece from the early 70's. This bar is from the great legendary David Nuuhiwa. Perfect condition for its age.

Gibbs Surfboards Surf Wax. Great custom wax that work quite well. Thanks Randy.

Hall of Fame Surf Wax from the 2007 Induction Ceremony.

Longboard Ireland - Custom wax from an amazing shop in Ireland.

McTavish Wax - Aussie made. . .2007.

Mentawi Magic Surf Wax - Aussie made. Got it off the internet in 2007.

OP Wax - This are from France. Heard they were promo bars but not completely sure.

Rocket Surf Wax Set - Complete set from the crew at Rocket Wax. Thanks guys. I appreciate your help.

Sandalwood Surf Wax - custom wax from a local shop on the east coast.

Stick It Surf Wax - Aussie made. I haveothers on the site. This and the one next to it are new to 2007.

Stick It Surf Wax for Chicks - This is the other new one. Great stuff.

Teignmouth Beach Rescue Surf Wax - Locally made, natural, custom surf wax from the UK.

Volcom Surf Wax - from the amazing company of Volcom. Great bar. Great idea.


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