Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery #2, Page 7:

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Eelsnot Wax. Actually speed wax for the bottom of skimboards. Had to have it, as I do a lot of skimming.

Everglide Wax. Another speed wax for the bottom.

Everglide in the spray form.

Golden Fleece Wax. This is a raw piece of Golden Fleece Wax from Australia.

Gonad Man Surf Wax. Killer label. Only have one. Australian.

Hueys Surf Wax. Australian. Kinda cool and all. Never tried it. Thx Shimmie!!!

Mint Surf Wax. I have a couple of others on here but this is the soft formula. Again, getting similar bars at different times.

Mother's Milk Boob Set. LOL. Have a good one.

Venom Spray Wax. Australian. Got it from the UK. Hard to get because ya can't ship it by air overseas. Had to come by boat.

Killer Bees. Again, I have others. Just different temps.

These are from South Africa. They are samples. Not sure what company made 'em.

Green Stuff Surf Wax. Yep, got the other colors on a different page in this same Gallery #2.

Bear Wailer Surf Wax; 1968. Made for the famous shaper, Bill Holden. Got it from Mike Mc. & Bill himself. Thx Guys!!!

Man Wax. Hard to find. I have another on the site, but this was signed by the man himself, Skip Frye. Thx Skip!!!

Pirate Surf Company Surf Wax. I scanned the bar to see how it would turn out. Anyway, great stuff. Thx Greg!!!


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