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Another Max Wax. These are all like 100g -130g. Fairly big bars.

The Cold version from O & E.

Ocean Culture. Australian. Looks a bit more home made. Way cool though. Ya gotta support the little guys. That is a frickin MUST!!! Great Wax!!!

80' Pro Lite. This is the same bar as the Mad Wax I have from the 80's. Same company. Great wax. Have plenty to go around.

Shore Foot. Austrlian. New. Never tried it.

SOS / Sacks Of Shit Wax. Made for skateboarding from what I know. However, It WORKS GR8 in the water. I have only used it for skimming.

Superior Traction Wacks. New version. Huge bar. Again, I am not sure if this is from the same company as the very old stuff I have?

Same deal, different temperature.

OZ Company Surf Wax. Australian. Plain and simple folks. Again, Aussie waxes don't have near the great smell as the US waxes.

Surf Systems Wax. Year/Maker? Australian. Nice stuff.

Surf Systems. I assume this is from the same company and it looks to be an earlier bar. Not sure which came first though???

Another basic bar from the OZ Company. I have tried some of their other waxes. . .they work very well.

Original Wahine Wax. Killer frickin wax, shape, smell, etc. Flower mold is perfect. Very HTF.

Zap Wax. Not sure if this is a Block product or not. It does work well though. I have used it for skimming quite a bit.

I have the warm version on the previous page


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