Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 25:

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Quiksilver 2006 set. Brand spankin' new folks. Always has been a good wax to use.

Roxy Wax. Again, these are brand new to the market in 2006. Another great wax. My bride loves it.

Seamen's Board Wax. Australian. Year/Maker??? Nice addition to the collection.

Shore Foot Surf Wax. I have another, newer, version on a previous page. This is a bit older. Same idea though.

Sticky Bumps Tour Series. Brand new to the market in 2006. Another great one from Wax Research.

Sticky Deck. Australian wax. Great label. Great idea, Great shape. Nice scent.

Sticky Feet. I have the whole set of 5, but got them at different times. Another awesome product by the Margaret River Wax Co. in OZ.

Surfer's Alliance. 80's. Came to me in 2/06. Has an orange label. Same as the others on the site, but a different label to add to the set.

Survival Wax. Australian. Trialed in 1976 & official in 1978. Norman, thanks for your support & historical info.

Here is the back shot of the Tiki Wax.

Tiki Wax - of course the front view as well. Brand new in 2006.

Troff Lolly Wax. Aussie made. Not sure of the year or maker though.

United Surfing Object Wax. Australian. 1990's I believe. Not sure of the maker.

Vyagra Set. Newer set for 2005/2006. Got these from a close friend in Australia.

Wet Dreams. Got these from that same friend. Have not tried 'em though. Not sure I will, as I only have these.


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