Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 15:

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Just Wax Me CHP. Huh? Not sure where this one came from. I'll take it though.

Kangaroo Goo. 80's Baby. Classic flippin wax. Another Icon. Great wax. Used plenty of it.

Same deal just a different label.

Killer Bees. ORIGINAL. 80's. Samples. No way your finding these anywhere but here.

Killer Bees. This was the finished product. 80's

This was the original finished sample from K Bees. Still smells like honey. No BS.

Killer Bees Premium. Not sure if this was done by the same company. A bit newer.

Another form of K Bees. Again, not sure if these were done by the same compnay. Bought 'em a few years ago.

Koala Bar. Classic 80's bar again. In my opinion, this and K Goo are a team. Same time, same era, both great icons, both great waxes.

K Wax. Killer graphic. Great wax.

Large Nards Set. yeah, one is a skate wax, but I had to have that too. The creator is awesome and so is the wax. Ya gotta try this one.

Lava Hawaiian Flag Label. Lava wax with the Hawaiian Flag touch. Obviously got these in Hawai'i.

Lava. Basic label. Still great wax though.

Here are the Lava Rocks. Nuggets.

Lava Volcano Set. Same deal. Had to have em. See, this is what I mean by the same wax, but different labels. I had to get em all.


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