Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 19:

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Waxx On. Early 80's bar. I know, cuz that is when I bought it.

I believe these are a bit later. '90's???

Web Wax. This is actaully signed. Came form the Lincoln City Surf Shop.

WESTY. Got this in a trade with Andy. Mahalo brah!!!

Wonder Wax. Year/maker???

X Games 2004. Done by Famous.

Zaks Wax. Australian. One is signed by Zak. Great guy. Wax works well.

Kangaroo Poo. Took me frickin forever to find this one. Finally!!!

Ocean and Earth. 2 from my set.

Ocean and Earth. Another.

Ocean and Earth travel pack.


OneBallJay. This is an origianl bar. 2-piece mold.

OneBallJay Classic Set. All of 'em.

Signed by The Man himself. Thanx J!!!!!!


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