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Billabong Odyssey Wax. Heard this was part of a promo deal with a DVD.

Anthwax. Newly released in 2006. Cool concept. Have not tried it yet.

Coca Cola Wax. Done in Australia. Have not tried it yet. I don't think I will, as I only have this one.

Coconut Wax. Another from Australia. Aussie wax with a great smell.

Dr. Zebbs Love Wax. Great older style logo. Retro 70's feel to it.

Same deal, just a different label.

Gecko Glue. Took a lot to get this one. Made in Thailand though. Tough to get. Killer scent.

Gravity Control. Aussie Wax. Not sure of the year or maker. From an Aussie friend.

Green Stuff. Older from the 1970's. Perfect shape. Australian. I have an 80's version on the site as well. The new version will be posted soon.

Grab a Handful. Aussie wax. The mold is of an actual woman's breast. Never tried the wax. Would love to Grab a Handful though.

Hawaiian Grip. Made in Australia despite the name. Great wax. Killer scent. Again. . .the retro look to the label.

I have the yellow bar already on the site. Got the blue one afterwards. Just thought I would put em up together.

Killer Bees Wax. This is similar to the other 1980's stuff, just in different packaging. This was always worked wonders.

Kuta Lines. Australian. Not sure of the year or maker though. Another from my friend in OZ.

K Wax. Again, I have another version/temperature on the site. Same thing.


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