Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 12:

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Da Right Style Da Beez Wax. Don't remember where I got it, but I ain't gettin' rid of it.

Destination Cool. Never tried it. year/maker???

Same deal, just tropical temp.

Dr. Balls. Yeah baby. Newer wax with a great mold. The whole set is represented here.

Dr. Sticky Fingers. Traded for this one. Kinda cool. Year/maker???

Esso Surfboard Wax. Australian. 60's I believe. Got 'em from Wal off Ebay a while back. Thx Wal!!!

Essowax. The household type from the early years. Again, this is how the whole surf wax industry got started.

Etnies. Came from a competition in '05.

Extremely Sticky. 80's.

Famous. Great product. Has always worked well for me, well at least the cold temp. here in Oregon. Great wax.

Came from a toy with a mini surfer on a mini surfboard. Could not pass this up for anything.

Same wax, just a different photo.

Five Daughters. Plain and simple.

Flo-Bar. By Sticky Bumps. Like I said, Wax Research will never die. Great people and a great company.

Foot Suckers. Another favorite from the 80's. Great colors. Great wax.


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