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Plus 81. From Japan. Jay, as in Zuma Jay, got me this one. Thx for absolutely everything Jay. You're the man.

Poon Tangs. From the 80's. I actually had a bunch but traded some with Kevin and Andy. Killer wax.

Poor Boy Cold.

Poor boy Cool. Yeah, I have em all.

Poor Boy Mini. Great little bar that came from a grab bag of wax I bought.

Poor Boy Warm Tub.

Powderkeg. Not sure of the maker? New though.

Progressive Expressions. 80's. Made on Kaua'i. From the shop in Koloa Town. I gave some to Kevin, Andy, and Jay. Bet ya can't find any others!!

Pro Lite Cold. Year/Maker???

Pro Lite Warm. Year/Maker???

Another 80's favorite. Great 80's flourescent colors. Bought tons back then.

Same deal but newer version.

Pudges Surf Wax. I traded some wax with a friend and he hooked me up with these.

Same makers as Dr. Balls. This is the chick version.

Q Stix. Can't remember where these came from. year/maker???


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