Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 17:

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Aqua Grip by OneBallJay. Okay, these are a bit more rare. From an ASR trade show. 500 made. The wax is actually pinkish in color.

Aqua Grip Set. Go figure. Had to have all of these too.

Billabong Wax. Made in Australia. These are 2 from the full set. Yes, I have the others.

Another Billabong wax from Aussie.

Doctor Dix. Locally made in Australia. Got em off the internet.

Essowax. Another early box of household wax.

Famous Wax. Signed by its creator, Sam. Thanks for your support Sam!!!

I belive this is a duplicate photo as well. Never enough Ganja to go around.

Gloo Wax. Australian. Another single bar form the full set.

Green Slime 80g Bar. Australian. I think I have every version the company made.

These are called Clam Shells. Australian. Another version.

Green Slime Longboard Tub. 250g. Huge tub. Australian.

Green Slime small tub. 100g. Yes, Australian.

Ocean and Earth Honey Wax. Earlier version. Cool temperature.

Jacks Wax. Australian. Tough to get. Never tried it.


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