Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 13:

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For Perfection. Same deal as Extremely Sticky. Different label.

For The Grip (FTG). Good stuff man. Try it.

Fosters Bar. Got it from a trade with a friend. Killer wax if ya ask me.

Free N Easy. Another early Australian wax. I think this one is from the early 70's; possibly 60's????

FreeRide. French. Never tried it.

Fruition. Cold bar. I have other temps as well. Year/Maker???

FUBAR. You better know what FUBAR stands for. Figure it out. Great wax. Comes in 4 great scents.

Ganja Surf Wax. Original Ganaja Wax from the 80's. Made by Ganja Wax, of course. Great company, great wax, great frickin name.

Ganja Hybrid Wax. Same company but a newer wax.

Ganja Nugget. Same deal.

Ganja Nugget. Same deal, different label.

Ganja Nugget. Same deal, different label.

Ganja Surf Wax. Another version from the 80's. Again, same company.

GanjaSurfWax. Another kind of GanjaSurfWax. Different company that the other Ganja waxes.

Okay, this one goes back to the 80's as well and is with the original baggy. Same company as the nuggets, and other 80's Ganja Wax.


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