Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 6:

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Rusty Wax. Plain and simple folks.

Sativawax. Made in Japan. I have all 4 seasons. They do em that way. Not in temps, but in seasons. Thx Fumi!!!

Zog's baby. Newer stuff.

1977 Sex Wax from Goleta, CA. Perfect condition. Got this from a shop in So. Cal. in the 80's. They had it in a display case.

This bar is from the same shop. This is the bar I bought along with the 1977 bar.

Yep, THE MAN signed em himself. Thx Zog!!!!

Here's a shot of both photos. Have proof he signed em as well. Zog, thx very much.

Sharkbait Surf Wax. Signed by one of the creators.

Here's 3 of the full set. Yes, I have all 5 temps.

Here's the set signed by both creators. Thanx Dan, thx Bruce!!!

Shark Repellent. 80's bar. I have 2. My reseach pointed me in the direction of WR for the maker.

Shred. 80's. Thanx for the trade Special K.

Slick Speedwax. Killer stuff. I skim quite a bit, so I know it works very nicely.

Slime. 80's. Not sure if this is from the same company as all the other Green Slime I have or not. This was bought in So. Cal.

Slipcheck Can. Yeah, it still has wax in it. From the 60's or 70's.


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