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Small collection of oldies. Dating back to the 50ís household waxes, sealing waxes, etc.

MUCH of what I have, but not everything. I am up to about 2K bars at this time.

3 Generations of Murph's. Great stuff. Works wonders.

66FT. Australian made. Never tried it, just added it to the collection.

Control Wax and Soft Wax. Straight outta the 70's. Perfect condition.

Original 80's Bubble Gum banner and waxes. This stuff is just about my favorite. Icon for 80's wax.

Mother's Milk from Australia and Vyagra. I think this photo will be in the book.

Air Wax Sooper Goo. Made in Oregon.

Ampol Wax. Early Australian wax from the Ampol Petrol Co. Extremely rare and HTF.

Balance Tubs. Australian. Killer addition.

Another one from Palmer's. Bali Brew. I have an older version as well that was made by a different company.

Balin. Australian. Great stuff.

BANG. Not sure who made it or where I got it, but I obviously had to have it. Year???

Barking Wax. Australian made. Never tried it but had to have it.

Bee Wild. Killer label. Very tough to get. Australian.


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