Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 24:

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Channel Islands Wax. 2006 version. Great stuff.

Chica Surf Wax. Brand new to the market in 2006. Works very well. Great smell.

Circle One 69 Surf Wax. Got this from the UK. Have not tried it. Just adding it to the collection of course.

Len's Surf Wax. This is from the same company that made a few bars on the previous page. Great guy. Great Wax.

Moondog Wax. Classic label/packaging. Only have one. Just adding to the collection.

Motivation Lines. Aussie Wax. Nice people to deal with. Great wax. Great smell. Will try it this summer.

Murph's. Same as the others on the first page, but had him sign it. Great guy to be in touch with.

Nomad Board Wax. Great set. Great smell. Will try it out this summer as well.

Northern Lights Organic Wax. Got this from the UK. Only have 1 so I ain't gonna try it unless I get more. Smells awesome.

OZSEA Wax. Aussia wax of course. Great label. Not sure of the year or maker though.

Pacific Dreams. Got this one from Australia too. Again, I only have htis one and the next one. Have not tried em and probably won't. I need more.

Ditto. Different temperature of course.

Performance Wax. Newer wax. Works well though. Used it this winter. Nice stuff.

Pro Lite Mad Wax. 1980's. I have another bar on here with orange wax I believe. Killer Stuff.

Q Glue. Nice label & wax from the 80's. I can't remember where I got this, but I am not getting rid of it.


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