Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 21:

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Max Wax or MaxWax. Australian. New. Great stuff.

Balin Griptonite. Another cool product from Balin. Australian.

Bart Simpson Surf Wax. Way frickin cool collectible. Will never say how I got this one. Way frickin sweet. Small bar of 25g. Way cool though.

Beach Beat. Australian.

Billabong. Australian. This is the Cold formula. Another from the full set. Just got 'em at separate times.

Bubble Gum. This is from the 90's. Way cool bar. Has that sticky gum look with a pair of eyes glaring at you. Killer graphics.

Bubble Gum Small Bar. Another cool one from the 90's.

Easy Rider. Australian. Looks like a Palmer's wax.

Hooters. From the 80's cuz that is when I bought it. Way cool. This was the same time as the Poon Tangs wax. Great stuff.

Hawaiian Hot Stix. Round. Hawaiian flag label. Year/Maker?

Hawaiian Hot Stix with Hibisucus print. Again, not sure of the year or maker?

Gerry Lopez Wax. I think this was made in Australia but I got it form the UK. There are 2 molds to these: 1 with this signature style and . . .

The other has a 2-piece mold to it.

Max Wax. Another, earlier, version of Max Wax. I assume they are from different makers, but I am not sure. This was done by the OZ Co.

Max Wax Bali Brew. Seems to be the same time as the other next to it; both seem to be earlier than the Max Wax at the top of the page. Mfg. - OZ Co.


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