Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 9:

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Surf Wax. Same company as the Bee Wild Surf Wax. Australian.

Surfwax by Wavecraft. Year/Maker??? Got it from Australia, but looks like it was made in the USA??? help me out if ya can and if you know for sure???

Just a plain ol' surf wax nugget.

Suxxion. Australian. Killer stuff.

Swix Surf Wax. I think this came to me in a trade as well. Year???

Takwax. Got it off the internet I believe.

Terra Wax. Don't think this is made anymore. Got this stuff from San Diego.

The Big Bar. From the UK.

Dogs Bollox. Another from the UK.

Toe Jam. The Australian Formula. Newer Wax.

Original Traction Wax. Austrlain. 60's or 70's. Very HTF!!!

Photo of my dad's 4-Runner. Covered in surf stickers. Met the Red Hot Chili Peppers while driving home from Santa Monica on 405 Freeway one day.

Tunnel Vision. Plain and simple.

Ultimate Surf Drugs. Year/Maker????

Val Surf Nuggets. This whole collection started for me at the ORIGINAL Val Surf Shop in the San Fernando Valley. THANK YOU VAL SURF!!!!!!


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