Surf Wax Museum Photo Gallery, Page 16:

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Lighting Bolt Wax. Absolute treasure in my book. '70s. Classic. The Bolt is the STAPLE of the 70's. Perfect condition.

LipStix Wax. Full set from the 80's. Killer stuff.

Long Ryders. 80's wax. Great shape of course. Can't remember where I got it though.

Loreleis. Came from the Malibu Surf Museum. Got it from a close friend, Special K. Thanks Bro.

Maddog. Big bar from Australia. Does not smell too good, but works well. I have found that most Aussie waxes do not smell that great.

Magma. Just one ofthe bars I have. I ahve the full set of course.

Magma - sigend by its creator/owner, Rob Nugent.

Another Magma signed.

Manta Pro Wax. Australian wax. New. Great stuff. Not the best scent though.

Matunas. Full set. Middle bar is a bit older.

Max Wax. Locally made in Florida. Great guy. Great smelling wax. Works very well.

Mighty Mounds. Another Palmer's product.

Miller Nuggets. Year/Maker???

Mint Wax. Black label. Australian.

Mint Wax. White label. Australian.


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